We have successfully implemented more than 1,000 projects. The defining qualities of our work are high-quality services, customer satisfaction, and trustworthiness. Some of our more prominent projects are listed below. For details see the attached PDF documents.


Client: JARNFORSEN ENSI energetski sistemi d.o.o.

Duration: 1996 – 2010

Description: Supply and installation of refractory materials into power boiler combustion chambers:

  • 20 MW boiler, Mindelheim, Germany
  • 10 MW boiler, Leoben, Austria
  • 3 MW boiler, Braulingen, Germany
  • 2x 3 MW boiler, Gornji Grad, Slovenia
  • 2 MW boiler, Marof, Slovenia
  • 2 MW boiler, Morgex, Italy
  • 4 MW boiler, Werehowo, Poland
  • 10 MW boiler, Karlskrone, Sweden
  • 3 MW boiler, Muellheim, Germany
  • 20 MW boiler, Altusried, Germany
  • 5 MW boiler, Kočevje, Slovenia
  • 3 MW boiler, Nova Crnja, Serbia
  • 5 MW boiler, Bohinj, Slovenia
  • 12 MW boiler, Schwarzau, Austria


Client: TALUM Tovarna aluminija d. d. Kidričevo

Duration: 1999 – 2010

Description: Refractory works

  • New construction of anode furnaces (Riedhammer technology), conducted by a team of 63 workers; total quantity of material: 6,600 tonnes
  • General repair works for anode furnaces Riedhammer with a planned total quantity of material: 6,000 tonnes; new construction of melting furnaces
  • New construction of furnaces for melting secondary aluminium (Schmitz & Apelt technology); total quantity of material installed: 320 tonnes
  • General overhaul of aluminium casting furnaces: 80 tonnes
  • Various maintenance services


Client: VIPAP VIDEM KRŠKO d.d.PDF iconPDF iconPDF icon

Duration: 1997 – 2010

Description: Refractory works

  • Repair of coal and heavy fuel oil boiler
  • Retrofitting of refractory lining at burner contact nozzle of 20 MV boiler
  • Retrofitting of combustion chamber lining of 40 MV boiler
  • Retrofitting of return channels of 50 MV steam boiler
  • Construction of combustion chamber of 50 MV boiler
  • Retrofitting of combustion chamber walls of 10 MV, 40 MV, and 50 MV steam boilers


Client: Javor pohištvo, proizvodnja lesnih izdelkov d.o.o.PDF icon

Duration: 1994 – 2010

Description: Repair works and engineering services relating to refractory lining, and supply of refractory materials