inzeniring   ENGINEERING

Engineering services comprise consulting in complex technological processes, design, and assistance in proper selection of refractory materials for particular processes. Detecting errors and finding the right solution to issues involving refractory linings is our speciality.

  • We advise on the choice of material, type and mode of installation, as well as work process involving new constructions and retrofitting.
  • We can prepare heat loss calculations based on the material selected and type of installation.
  • In more technologically advanced and complex projects, we cooperate with external associates.



The greatest share of our activities is represented by installation services, which include new constructions, retrofitting, as well as maintenance and repair works of various refractory linings in industrial furnaces and boilers. Our skilled and experienced team performs installations of refractory materials into heating units (industrial furnaces) and heat generators (industrial boilers). These services can be performed on various types of heating units and heat generators, in terms of size, purpose, and scope of use.

  • Installation of all types of refractory materials available on the market
  • Spot welding of stainless steel anchors
  • Management of more complex projects through partnership agreements
  • Presence throughout Europe


vzdrzevanje   MAINTENANCE

Our services can be performed on various types of heating units and heat generators.

  • Possibility of long-term maintenance contract
  • Optional periodic inspections and assessments of refractory lining
  • Annual maintenance services


proizvodnja   PRODUCTION

Upon request, we can produce various refractory segments of irregular shapes for specific purposes. Materials include refractory castables and insulating refractory castables, wools, and other refractory materials available on the market.


prodaja   SALES

We supply our clients with refractory materials of different varieties, shapes, and types of quality. Refractory products of standard shapes and types of quality are always available in our warehouse; specific segments can be produced upon request.

Our supply and sales include:

  • Standard bricks (materials for general use that are compatible with a variety of industrial furnaces and boilers)
  • Specialised bricks (materials of specific shapes for individual purposes)
  • Concretes
  • Mortars
  • Mastics
  • Ramming masses
  • Gunning dense castables
  • Paints
  • Wools
  • Stainless steel anchors